Symbolic Wedding

The beauty of a symbolic wedding lies in the flexibility and vast amount of choices it allows.

It can take place in any location of your preference, just like you have imagined and desire it to be.  This could be for instance a romantic or deserted beach, a modern beach bar, a traditional restaurant, the pool area of the villa or hotel you are staying, a villa or hotel veranda viewing the deep blue or mountain and the sunset.  It could even take place on a boat! However you have dreamed this unique day of your life, Chrissa Group will make it happen for you.

Choose out of the broad range of our Services all those that will make up the picture and scenery of your wedding. On the basis of your personal style and preferences we will have everything set and prepared for that great day.

Have you decided to have a Symbolic wedding in Greece? Then please consider the following:

  • The ceremony is not legally binding
  • No paperwork is required
  • Since the ceremony is symbolic, not legal, a minister or judge does not need to perform it, nor do you need to obtain a marriage license. You might choose to ask a father, a special friend or even Chrissa Group to perform the ceremony
  • Upon completion of the ceremony an informal certificate will be given to you that will always remind you of this special day.